You Know You Grew Up on Disney Movies If…

Urbana, Illinois

-12, feels like -40, goatee froze in about thirty seconds while walking to gas station , fun, also, am I the only one that likes the feeling of frozen facial hair, also for the first time in my working life I got a snow day, from both jobs, lost money but i now have smoke and soda, i can stayhome! 

Never not funny to me


Nigel :’)


And…you’re all fired.


And…you’re all fired.


someone needs to lower their fucking standards and date me

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ok thats a new one, decided to clean my kitchen(have been putting it off for a shameful amount of time), noticed fruit flies, and then noticed, i had a banana in my sink…why,how & what? lol

Can not express how excited I am that this is coming out!